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This is Donna. She is my mom. At the age of 66 she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I like to describe her as a free spirit. She loves to have fun and have a good time. She is the mother of four children: Tiffany, Wayne, Daniel, and myself. She cares about her family very much. She was born in New Jersey and currently lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts. I remember growing up and she worked as a Home Health Aide, and she went to school for Medical Assisting. During her years before retiring she worked as a housekeeper at a local Hampton Inn. After being diagnosed she tried Chemotherapy and decided that it was not for her. My mother has always been there to help me as much as she could and supported me in every way. Which is why I am going to support her through this. We hope that you can too.

My Mom. 

With every bar of Hope Soap, and mystery 4 pack of sugar scrubs sold, we are going to donate 100% of the proceeds to my mother to support her with medicals bills, end of life care, and small things to keep her comfortable and happy until her time comes; even though we don't want it to. 


For all other purchases we will be donating 50% of the proceeds.

After that time we want to continue our support to those with pancreatic cancer and to their families. We will then donate 50% of the proceeds of the Hope Soaps to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. They do scientific research to find a cure, they provide patient services, provide government advocacy, and encourage and sponsor community events to help raise awareness.

Your Support.

As some as you may know, Stage 4 means that the cancer has spread. Pancreatic cancer is difficult to diagnose early because the pancreas isn’t located in an area of the body where a growth could be felt during a regular exam, or seen visually. It also doesn’t usually cause symptoms until the cancer has spread to other areas of the body. Treatment during this stage is focused on extending and improving the quality of life. Treatment usually includes chemotherapy, pain treatments, surgery, or even clinical trials. In my mothers case, hers is inoperable. She tried chemotherapy and after some amount of time decided it is not right not her. She was hospitalized with in intestinal infection recently which was a big scare. thankfully some antibiotics did the trick for now. Please note that the median survival rate is between three and six months after diagnosis without treatment. Stage 4 pancreatic caner is incurable.

The Problem.

We want to help others find a cure, raise awareness, and give our family members more time by finding ways to detect Pancreatic Cancer sooner, before the late stages. We want to support all of those with cancer, and the family members loosing loved ones to cancer. We hope you will join our fight.

The Future.

Hope Soap

Always purple in support of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. 

Pancreatic Cancer  Action Network

Learn more about this amazing Non Profit and their efforts.